Acme WMPL Language Switch

Acme WPML Language Switch is a free WordPress plugin that will add smart functionality to your WPML installation.
If you run a website with only 2 languages, WPML lets you choose only its default active language lists without any chance to edit or customize its content.
Thanks to Acme WPML Language Switch you can forget this issue: this plugin detects active languages and simply adds to your menu a smart link to the current translation.

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Acme WPML Language Switch is a simple language switch appended to you menu.

Once installed the plugin will create a new section inside you Settings menu called  ‘ACME Language Switch’ on you WordPress darshboard.
The plugin will automatically check you current WPML version (3.2 as minimun requirements) and active languages.

From plugin settings you can customize the label and select the menu you want the switch will display. You can even choose its position inside menus (as first menu item rather than last).
This plugin will also append a new css class as a quick handle for CSS or Javascript purposes.

If you only run two languages in your website and you are looking for a quick smart customized language switch, we strongly recommend you Acme WPML Language Switch.



Switch Label:

  • Language Code;
  • Translated Language Name;
  • Flag (default WPML graphics)
  • Custom Text

Menu Position:

  • Select one or more registered Menus
  • Chance to place Switch as first or last item in menu
  • CSS class ‘awls-item’ appended to switch

Installation  Minimun requirements:

  • WordPress 3.0.1 or Later
  • WPML 3.2 or Later
  • Only 2 active languages (hidden languages are ignored)

From your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Open Plugins Menu Add New;
  2. Search for “Acme WPML Language Switch” inside the WordPress repository;
  3. Activate it from the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;


  1. Download the zip archive;
  2. Upload zip through Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugins;
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;

Once Activated:

  1. Open Settings ACME Language Switch;
  2. 2. Add to one of your menu and select display label and Menu position;

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